We have a 3000 sq ft. Recreation Hall for use by our Winter Texans from October till mid-April. Every night is Game Night with frequent Pot Lucks thrown in for our guests.

In addition we have a comfortable lobby area for socializing (a favorite for the men to begin their day over coffee).

We also have non-denominational church services during Winter Texan Season.

Local Interests

Uvalde Grand Opera House - Built in 1891, this restored Opera House features a variety of year-round dance and theater.

Aviation Museum of Texas - The Museum is located at the Uvalde Municipal Airport in one of the original hangars built for Garner Army Air Field, a World War II primary training base. Aircraft and memorabilia from the World War II period are on display.

Garner Museum - Home of former Vice President (under F.D. Roosevelt) John Nance "Cactus Jack" Garner. Artifacts of personal and political career and county history on display.

First State Bank - Extensive collection of art and antiques from former Governor and Mrs. Dolph Briscoe. Tours available.

FORT INGE - U.S. Cavalry Post built in 1849. Historic site. Leona River at base of 80 million-year-old extinct volcano. Hiking trails, camping and picnic tables available.

ADULT ACTIVITY CENTER - Arts and crafts are a big part of the center with courses offered in painting, pottery, beadwork, and more. There is a therapeutic pool where water aerobic classes take away your aches and pains. A large auditorium is used for meetings, dances, and dinners.

Market Square Antiques - Featuring collectibles, classic furniture, jewelry, accents, gifts and more, this turn-of-the century building houses multiple dealers and a tea room. Located on downtown plaza.